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Christmas Gift

Chapman Homes $15k Giveaway

We are excited to announce the Chapman Homes with Windermere 4th Annual Giveaway. This year, we are giving away $15,000 to one our five non-profit partners! Read more about our five non-profit partners below.


Voting opens on November 21st at 9am and closes November 22nd at 9pm!

Subscribe to Chapman Homes and the organization you're voting for when you cast your vote.


Real Escape from the Sex Trade

Street Outreach

Mission: Expanding pathways to freedom, safety, and hope in order to end sex trafficking.

We have a full continuum of client led trauma informed care providing resources for victims and survivors of sex trafficking and the sex trade.

How would you use the $15k?

For a variety of reasons during the pandemic, we had to pause our street outreach efforts. We are excited about the possibility of relaunching a team to spread awareness of  resources to those who are being sexually exploited in King County.

Mentoring Urban Students and Teens (MUST)

Mentees on the Seas

Mission: To provide a space for Black males to liberate themselves through mentoring.

M.U.S.T. Pairs high school age Black males with emerging adult mentors (Black males 19-24) to help guide them as they discover their authentic path in life. Mentees participate in one-on-one mentoring sessions, group outings with their cohorts, and quarterly events focused on life skills and college and career readiness.

How would you use the $15k?

One of M.U.S.T’s biggest focuses is exposing our Mentees to places and activities they likely would not otherwise experience. We have heard time and time again from our Mentees over the years how they want to try ocean fishing. Watching the sunrise from the deck of a boat as it cruises farther and farther from the shoreline, breathing in the fresh salt water air, and reeling in your first salmon is an experience no one ever forgets. We hope to make this dream a reality for our Mentees in 2023, and this award money would let that happen.


Weld Seattle

Weld Work Clothing Drive

Mission: Access to comprehensive support for people transitioning out of incarceration, addiction and/or homelessness.

Weld Seattle’s programs are peer-led, created by and for the population they serve. Weld Seattle provides safe and sober transitional housing, job training and placement. 


For people entering the community from legal system involvement, Weld Seattle replaces barriers with opportunities, empowering its members to successfully integrate into society and their community. 

What would you do with the $15k?

Weld Seattle's special project focuses on raising money for clothing for our most vulnerable members. The $15,000 would allow us to provide work clothes, winter jackets, and boots to 250 people as they transition into the work force or exit homelessness.


Uplift Northwest

1,000 back to work uniforms!

Mission: We guide people on their path to self-sufficiency by providing employment and job readiness services.

We provide training, work, housing, and support services to people experiencing poverty and homelessness. A job provides hope, the opportunity to stabilize one’s life, and is an essential component to building a thriving community. For those we serve, it is the difference between starvation, eviction, or supporting their family.

What would you do with the $15k?

People living in poverty and living homeless have significant barriers that prevent them from employment. One is the inability to purchase the uniform or work attire necessary to begin work. $15,000 will equip 1,000 Uplift Northwest workers with uniforms and work clothes to set them on a journey to self-sufficiency. Work attire can include black pants, work boots or non-skid shoes, safety gear, rain gear, socks, button down or polo shirts, rugged wear, and hardhats. Many workers do not have access to laundry facilities outside of those offered through Uplift NW HQ which makes multiples of these items a necessity.

World Relief Seattle

Digital Literacy Coach for Incoming Refugees to Western Washington area

Mission: We envision every refugee and immigrant welcomed by community, rooted in community, and empowered for community.

Since 1979, we have worked alongside the community to welcome refugees to Western Washington - following a philosophy of co-empowerment and listening to the community. Founded in response to the needs of refugees fleeing wars in Southeast Asia, we grew to support refugees, asylees, asylum seekers, and immigrants from all around the world as they rebuild a sense of home in Western Washington.

What would you do with the $15k?

Digital fluency: can you put a value on it?  Knowing how to get on zoom meetings, apply for important documents, connect with others, and keep up to dates with all the responsibilities of a citizen.  Now imagine how important that is for someone new to our area: a refugee or immigrant who doesn't know our culture or language!!


With this money, World Relief would would be able to serve over 200 newcomers with 1:1 coaching on internet, device set up, technical support, digital skills training, to give them skills they need to be a thriving community member.

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