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On the Brink of Homelessness + Hope Restored

As Seattle's first social realtor, every sale with Chapman Homes helps a person in need at no additional cost to you. See how it works HERE.

A BIG Thank you to Hassan and Tabassum Babar! It was such a joy to help you find a home! And, most importantly, your purchase generated a donation to one of Chapman Homes non-profit partners, Acres of Diamonds, who helps homeless women and their children get back on their feet. Amanda (see story below) has experienced much trauma but hope is being restored and she is beginning to smile again.

Amanda's Story:

Amanda and her 2 ½-year-old son Brandon just moved in a few days ago and our hearts broke when we heard her story. She was married, had a good job working from home and was able to afford full-time daycare for her son. Things were going fine until the unthinkable happened. The life Amanda had worked so hard for was suddenly ripped away from her when her husband of 13 years abandoned them.

Amanda was in shock. Her entire world was turned upside down and she felt completely betrayed. She wondered what she did to deserve this. How will she ever explain this to her little boy? How was she going to take care of him all by herself?

Amanda had been left by the person she trusted most. And she was left with all the bills – bills that included a mortgage and childcare for Brandon. After a while, the bills started piling up. She was forced to take Brandon out of full-time daycare and try to watch him while she worked. But caring for him at home meant falling behind on work and she sadly lost her job – her only way of providing for her little boy.

Despite her efforts, the threat of homelessness became a horrifying reality she had to face. Where would she go? Would she and Brandon live in their car? Would they be safe? Would she be able to keep Brandon warm at night? Would he cry from hunger? Amanda was terrified and completely desperate.

She was on the brink of homelessness when she came to Acres. She arrived with almost nothing but a safe and caring place to stay. Because of this home sale, Amanda and Brandon are now in a welcoming and supportive place to stay while they rebuild their lives. This gift is sustaining her with the love and support she so desperately needs right now.

Amanda is smiling again and facing this challenge head-on with confidence. The donation from Hassan and Tabassum's home sale via Chapman Homes is a big part of the reason why. Now she has a safe place to stay during the hardest time of her life.

Matthew Chapman works hard to make your home buying or selling experience enjoyable and gives part of every commission to help a person in need.
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