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Christmas Presents

Chapman Homes $15k Giveaway

We are excited to announce the Chapman Homes with Windermere 5th Annual Giveaway. This year, we are giving away $15,000 to one our five non-profit partners! Read more about our five non-profit partners below.

Voting is Closed!

Voting is open November 20th at 9am through November 21st at 9pm!

Subscribe to Chapman Homes and the organization you're voting for when you cast your vote.


Real Escape from the Sex Trade

Special Project: Survivor Voices in the Fight Against Sex Trafficking!

Mission: REST exists to expand pathways to freedom, safety, and hope in order to end sex trafficking.


We offer programs that are centered on the strengths, needs, and individual choices of each survivor we serve. In all of our programs, from crisis intervention through long-term housing, we work with survivors to increase their safety and move toward healing, stability, and economic independence.

How would you use the $15k?

Knowing that survivor voices are the key to truly moving the needle in the fight against sex trafficking, we want to use this funding to train up 20 survivors in the skills needed to amplify their voices in successfully raising awareness of sex trafficking, to be key strategists in ending sex trafficking.


Olive Crest

Special Project: Teen Mental Health

Mission: Olive Crest's mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect while promoting the development of resilient, healthy families. We partner with under-resourced families to prevent the intervention of child protective services. We offer safe housing and comprehensive care for children and youth who've been separated from their biological families. Additionally, we empower and equip youth aging out of foster care to transition successfully into adulthood.

Olive Crest is dedicated to preventing child abuse by strengthening, equipping, and restoring children and families in crisis… One Life at a Time.®

What would you do with the $15k?

It’s no surprise that young people are at a crisis point with their mental health. Between the pandemic and increased exposure to abuse in homes, the children and teens that we are encountering have unprecedented levels of trauma. With your investment you would be actively supporting the most vulnerable among us with increased intensive mental health resources.

World Relief Western Washington

Special Project: Refugee Resettlement Wheels!

Mission: Every refugee and immigrant welcomed by community, rooted in community, and empowered for community.

Empowering the local church and community to serve the most vulnerable in our local area.  We connect with all types of organizations and networks to welcome and empower immigrants and refugees so they are rooted and connected in our communities. 

What would you do with the $15k?

"Refugee Resettlement Wheels" initiative aims to acquire a dedicated box truck that will transform the lives of refugees in our community. The truck will serve as a lifeline, providing safe transportation to vital services, delivering essential supplies, and fostering community engagement. Over the past year, our organization has successfully resettled over 1,000 refugees, and we aim to resettle over 1,500 more in the coming year. Your support will help us meet this growing demand, making a profound and lasting impact on the lives of refugees in need.


Orphan Relief and Rescue

Special Projects: Community Freedom Center

Mission: We work to overcome injustice in the areas of abuse, neglect, and trafficking for underserved children in West Africa.

We address the root causes of child trafficking by creating a dynamic community that protects children and trains the next generation to provide for their families! We believe that every child matters and each rescue is significant.  ORR works with local nations to run a Safe Homes for trafficked children, vocational training opportunities for young adults, and Microfinance program for caregivers to start businesses to support their families. 

How would you use the $15k?

The Community Freedom Center provides emergency assistance to individuals who are in danger of being trafficked, abused, or forced into early marriage. Professionals are connected with clients to receive proper help either from the police, social welfare office, or a medical facility. The center also serves as a resource hub offering practical support in ORR’s Microfinance Program and education in animal husbandry and agriculture. On weekends, the center hosts a Kids Feeding Program attended by local kids as well as those who have been intercepted from being trafficked. There is nothing like this Community Center in the entire area.

ORR logo_white background-01-02.jpeg

Cultured Outreach

Special Project: PAINt 

Mission: Cultivate creative spaces for youth to encounter community, opportunity and personal development using the creative and performing arts 

We serve both middle and high school age youth by cultivating spaces using the creative and performing arts to process and tell their stories in creative ways so that they experience the power of repurposing their stories to encourage their peers. 

What would you do with the $15k?

The PAINt Project is an album of stories creatively told by our students. The album will consist of songs that will come from the stories of our students. The project will also consist of visuals that will be inspired by the songs created. During this project students will learn the power of merging creativity with their stories while gaining skills in production. The funds will help us get recording equipment like speakers, microphones and recording software to use at the school on site where the project will be produced. We will also us the funds to produce music videos from the album. 

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