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Navigating an Orphanage Safe Home: Denis' Story

As Seattle's first social realtor, every sale with Chapman Homes helps a person in need at no additional cost to you. See how it works HERE.

Orphan Relief and Rescue is a non- profit organization that has been in existence since 2007.

We are an organization that is working to protect children from needless suffering, abuse and

child trafficking in both Liberia and Benin West Africa.

In the interior of Benin West Africa where we work, our statistics show that nearly 20 percent

of all children in this particular area had been trafficked before we even arrived, by parents who

could not afford to feed them. We are working hard to stop the trafficking of children in five

major trafficking hub villages. Over the last ten years we have seen a huge transformation

taking place through our efforts.

We have intercepted hundreds of children from becoming trafficked, and have facilitated many

children to be brought out of slavery. We are working to bring about a whole culture shift to

this acceptable practice.

When a child is intercepted from being trafficked, we put them onto our “Intervention

Program” These children become a part of our school and feeding program, which takes care of

feeding them for two meals a day, and pays for all their school fee’s and needs.

Once the child is put on our “Intervention Program” we then invite the parents to come onto

our micro finance savings and loans program, so they can have a way to help themselves

through starting a business. We have seen incredible results happening from this, and parents

who used to traffic their children openly are now starting to have a conscience about this

practice. Which is great news.

In this particular area when a child becomes an orphan they are treated as the lowest rung of

society and often times used as a slave in a relative’s home, due to their religious practices that

do not value life. The Social Welfare department we work with asked us to build a safe place for

these orphans in 2008. In response, we as Orphan Relief and Rescue built an orphanage safe

home to take in children who have no parents alive and who are at the highest risk to be

mistreated without outside intervention.

Denis is a child who grew up in this orphanage safe home that we built and founded in 2009. He

recently got a full scholarship to a University in Morocco studying Computer Science due to his

high academics. He is a very high achiever and has been studying non-stop to be the best at

what he does. He also has helped all the older kids in the orphanage safe home learn how to

use a computer. He is duplicating everything he learns by pouring his skills into helping others.

He has now been in Morocco for couple months. This was a huge accomplishment for him. The

only thing we need to provide for, is for his food and toiletries, which is 50 USD a month, and

for a few furniture pieces he is requesting for his room.

With the donation from my client's home sale, we were able to provide his food and toiletries for 1 year, and for a much needed desk and bed for his room. I am so thankful for all of my clients making donations like these possible!

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