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Once a Prisoner - Now a Role Model

A BIG Thank you, my clients Joel and Marissa! It was such a joy to help them find a home. They made this exciting especially with the birth of their second child. Wow!! And, another amazing thing, your purchase generated a donation to one of Chapman Homes non-profit partners, WELD who provides transitional housing to people at risk. James (see story below) has experienced much trouble but wholeness is now beginning to win the day! Thanks to people like you!

General info on Weld:

Every year, thousands of men and women in Washington State complete their incarceration only to find themselves homeless, and without the tools to make a life for themselves outside of our prison walls.

Weld Seattle has created a program that offers these individuals safe transitional housing, a clean and sober environment, and pathways to employment. It’s a program that serves a population at risk while helping build communities.

Weld Seattle currently manages 12 houses, providing shelter and services to 45 “members”. With houses for both men and women, this program has the ability scale up quickly to serve over 500 in the next few years.

Weld believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to belong and thrive. We believe that transformation should be available and open to all, no matter your past. And we know that our communities are made safer, healthier, and stronger when we reduce barriers to former prisoners reentering society.

James's Story

James has come to embody everything that the Weld community is all about. Today he is a role model to many young men and, most importantly, to his son. But it wasn’t always this way. He got caught up in criminal activity at a young age and received his first felony conviction at the age of 16. At 27 he went to prison for 2.5 years, missing out on formative years of his son’s life. When he came out he was determined to never go back, and he immediately dove into working hard, recovery and positive social groups. He was hired at Square Peg Construction and rose quickly from laborer to foreman to his current position where he oversees the entire residential construction division. Even though he had proved to be solid in his personal and professional life, he was still facing barriers to housing. That’s where Weld came in. James was one of the first members of Weld and helped launch the first clean-and-sober house. Within a year he became a house manager and went on to guide dozens of men in their reentry and recovery journey.

Of all the success that James has achieved since being released from prison, and all the good work he’s done with Weld, he says the most important thing in his life right now is the relationship he has with his son. He is a positive, consistent presence in his son’s life and has made up for lost time in ways he never imagined possible before. James’ story is one of transformation and redemption. It is the story of Weld.

Matthew Chapman works hard to make your home buying or selling experience enjoyable and gives part of every commission to help a person in need.
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