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The Boy Who Had No Name

As Seattle's first social realtor, every sale with Chapman Homes helps a person in need at no additional cost to you. See how it works HERE.

Juhani it was such a pleasure helping you find a home. I really enjoyed our car rides and conversation. Thanks to your home purchase you have become a HERO to a boy in need. Your purchase generated a donation to one of Chapman Homes non-profit partners, Orphan Relief And Rescue, who fights for justice in populations of children that no else is serving. Daniel (see story below) has experienced much trauma but his vitality is being restored, and he is beginning to heal, and you are now a part of that story!

Orphan Relief and Rescue fights for justice in populations of children that no one else is serving by combating child trafficking, abuse, and needless suffering.

Orphan Relief and Rescue is working to end injustice and see every child restored to their true value.

The Boy Who Had No Name:

Wandering the streets of rural Benin West Africa all alone, a boy around the age of eight was lost. Police picked up this young child and quickly realized that something was wrong. He could not speak, and it appeared to them that he could not hear either. They also suspected he might have some sort of mental problem because he did not respond in any way and just stared at them blankly. Our Anti-trafficking team and I had an appointment at the social welfare office the day this young boy was brought in by the police. The social welfare workers told us about this boy’s situation and pleaded with us to take him into our care because they had no place to keep him while they tried to trace his family. His case was especially difficult because he was also having regular seizures that they did not know how to deal with, and was urinating on himself throughout the day.

The social workers felt that he was an abandoned child because he had been going around begging for food in the area where the police had found him. In that location, many children with disabilities are commonly abandoned due to the belief system that a child is cursed if they have severe mental or physical disabilities. And people are afraid of these children. So, therefore, the community does not want to help them.

In looking closer at him, he just stared at us with no life or expression in his eyes. We also noticed severe scarring on his scalp that was an indication that he had been brutally beaten on numerous occasions.

I approached one of our lead staff members with the idea of him taking the boy home temporarily so he and his wife could get him fully checked out with a doctor and then help facilitate the next steps to make sure he was properly taken care of. Without hesitating, Peter agreed that this would be a good idea.

The next day at the doctor’s office, it was determined that he did have some mental disabilities, as well as was very sick with malaria. He was given treatment for malaria, and then on a follow-up appointment, the doctor shared that in his opinion his brain most likely had been damaged by severe abuse, or from his daily seizures or both.

After two days of calling this young boy, “the boy”, Our staff gave him the name of Daniel

It was beautiful to see that this nameless child was finally given a name and an identity and was being taken care of by our fantastic staff.

Daniel was put on anti-seizure medicine the second week, and the seizures have been significantly diminished. We also found out that Daniel can hear! When music is played, he begins to dance.

Within the first couple of days of being in the care of a loving family, Daniel was smiling and beginning to show signs of life in his eyes. By week six he said his first words and started to learn to talk. By week eight he was learning how to use the toilet by himself. His healing and restoration of his mind are truly miraculous. We are weekly hearing new reports of how well he is doing. He continues to remain in the care of our trusted staff.

To keep caring for this young boy is costs 150.00 USD per month. Your donation of 500.00 is going to pay for his care for a little over 3 months. Thank you so much. It is people such as yourselves that enable us to rescue boys like this.

Matthew Chapman works hard to make your home buying or selling experience enjoyable and gives part of every commission to help a person in need.

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