The Game Changer That Helped Set A Woman Free...

A BIG Thank you my clients Bilal and Malike! Thanks to their home purchase they have become a HERO to woman in need. Their purchase generated a donation to one of Chapman Homes non-profit partners, Family Promise, who helps homeless men and women and their children get back on their feet. Jenny (see story below) has experienced much trauma but strength is being restored, and she is beginning to stand on her own again.

Katie's Story

"Running from a very abusive childhood home, I ran into the arms of someone who would treat me exactly how I had been taught I deserved. It wasn't until ten years later after my ex-husband put his hands on my children that I was able to stand up and demand that he leave, losing my financial security and eventually home in the process. In October 2017, my family of seven was evicted from our one bedroom apartment; a severe medical diagnosis and the care needed to keep me alive was too much to maintain it all.

Katie being interviewed by Family Promise

Walking into Family Promise’s Open Doors family shelter was my family’s only option, and it turned out to be the spur of hope that we needed to get back on our feet. The staff encouraged us and empowered us with resources and emotional support. Every single day is a battle, but

largely due to Open Doors, my life is leaps and bounds from where it was when I first left my abuser. With each barrier I overcome, my ex-husband has become more upset. Since he can no longer have any control over my life, he intentionally sabotages things in my children's lives and tries to intimidate me. When he found out I was planning to file for full custody, he became physically aggressive again. He started following me around and damaging my property, eventually filing for contempt.

He has always had more money and the ability to hire representation while I have been fighting on my own. Family Promise along with the proceeds from your home sale helped me pay for legal representation. Now that I have representation, I finally have a voice. My ex can no longer manipulate and control me. For the first time in a very long time, I have hope that I can protect and raise my children without living in fear. There are no words that can begin to express the depth of this gratitude that fills my heart.

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