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Worthy Of A Second Chance

As Seattle's first social realtor, every sale with Chapman Homes helps a person in need at no additional cost to you. See how it works HERE

A standing ovation for my clients Sam and Sharon!!

Thanks to their home purchase, they have become a HERO to a person in need by helping a man (see story below) find a second chance in life through Chapman Homes Partnership with WELD (see story below).

About Weld Seattle

Imagine you made a mistake in your past that led to incarceration. You did your time, you learned from your mistakes and now you are ready to get back to life outside the walls. After a few days back in society, you quickly learn that there is very little hope or help. Most employers won’t hire you. Most landlords won’t rent to you. Nobody trusts you. You are overwhelmed and have nowhere to turn. Imagine a world without second chances.

This is where Weld Seattle comes in.

Weld has a proven track record of helping scores of men and women as they rebuild their lives. We provide transitional housing utilizing vacant properties awaiting development throughout the city. These otherwise vacant properties are turned from magnets for criminal activity into clean and sober living houses, providing supportive housing for men and women engaged in re-entry. This benefits the community as well as the Weld members who reside there. This is the simple mission of Weld Seattle. It’s amazing work that gives people an opportunity to start again.

Here’s Anthony’s story:

One of our first members, Anthony, was released from incarceration, ready to make a fresh start.

Again and again, he was turned away from entry-level jobs and apartments when his criminal record emerged. Then he found Weld. “Getting out and having a stable place to live gave me an opportunity to get some roots down, and learn to live an adult life. That seems elementary, but for people that have never had to do that day-to-day normal stuff—like paying bills and rent—it can be hard. Learning that stuff as an adult makes you feel like you are way behind; makes you feel insignificant.”

Anthony was offered resources and a critical support system during a vulnerable time. “Being surrounded by people who understood, who have been in similar situations and experienced the same frustrations, who are learning and growing alongside you—it’s so significant. The opportunity Weld gave me has led me to the life I am living today. I’ve learned life skills and gotten a decent house. I’m providing and present not only in my life, but also in my son’s life.” In the past year, Anthony has moved on to permanent housing and is thriving.

We’ve helped over one hundred people like Anthony make a fresh start. Dozens of Weld members can now tell stories of hope and redemption.

Weld Seattle is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. We are deeply grateful to Chapman Homes and others for their ongoing support of our mission!

Matthew Chapman works hard to make your home buying or selling experience enjoyable and gives part of every commission to help a person in need.
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