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Let's make an impact with your next home sale.

Real Estate Agents Sammamish WA

Ever wondered how you could spark a transformation in neighborhoods near and far? Choose Chapman Homes Sammamish as your realtor and we will help fund a neighborhood non-profit that is making a lasting impact on individuals in need. Afterwards, you will receive a hardcover keepsake book that features the story.

Real Estate Agents Sammamish Wa


I am a big believer that we were designed to contribute to the world's greatest needs together rather than as individuals. While my family has been in the real estate business for 30 years, my previous career was in the non-profit sector. I realized a significant obstacle that my colleagues and I were facing in the non-profit sphere as we struggled to put our world-changing ideas into action was a lack of funding. That’s when the seeds of a whole new approach to real estate began to emerge: one that truly empowers clients to make a change in the world. 

Not too long after those initial seeds were born, I launched the Social Real Estate enterprise, Chapman Homes (a Windermere real estate broker), with a mission to combine premiere service with transparent and responsible giving. With the help of my clients, Chapman Homes redirects proceeds from every commission to help someone in need. Now more of these world-changing ideas are beginning to blossom, bringing lasting change to a world begging for hope. 


Meet Matt

“Buying or selling a home can be one of the most stressful and overwhelming decisions you make, but Matthew’s level-headedness and dedication make all the difference!”


Social Real Estate

Every home sale makes an impact through you

Chapman Homes redirects proceeds from every commission to help someone in need. Afterwards, we share the story with you, so you can feel the impact you made.

How it Works

Hire Chapman Homes As Your Realtor

Buy or sell your home. With Chapman Homes on your team, you can trust that the sale will be smooth and efficient.

We Donate On Your Behalf

Choose a local non-profit to support. Some non-profits supported by my clients include WELD, World Relief and REST, among others. 

You Get The Story

Feel the impact. After your sale, we'll send you a hardcover book with pictures of your home that tells the story of the lives you helped to empower. We'll help you experience the meaning of the impact you made.

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About Sammamish WA

Sammamish, Washington, is a thriving city located on the eastern shore of Lake Sammamish. With a population of over 65,000, Sammamish offers a mix of suburban charm and modern amenities. Situated approximately 20 miles east of downtown Seattle, residents enjoy a convenient commute to the city while reveling in the tranquility of the surrounding natural beauty. Sammamish is known for its excellent schools, well-planned neighborhoods, and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. The city's parks, trails, and proximity to the Cascade Mountains provide residents with opportunities for hiking, biking, and water activities. With its strong community spirit and family-friendly atmosphere, Sammamish is a sought-after place to call home.

Real Estate Agents Sammamish


Sammamish, Washington, has a rich history that dates back centuries. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Duwamish and Snoqualmie peoples, who lived off the land and utilized the abundant resources of the region.

In the late 19th century, settlers began to arrive in the area, attracted by the natural beauty and fertile lands. The first permanent European-American settlers arrived in the 1880s and established farms and logging operations. The community that eventually became known as Sammamish began to take shape.

In the early 20th century, the opening of the Seattle-Lake Shore and Eastern Railway provided easier access to the area, leading to increased settlement and development. However, it wasn't until the 1970s and 1980s that significant growth occurred, transforming Sammamish from a rural community into a suburban city.

Clients Who Made a Difference


Ammara bought a home in 2019. With her home purchase, Chapman Homes made a donation to REST.


REST offers pathways to freedom, safety, and hope to individuals who have experienced the sex trade.

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