A father reconnected with his children...

Thank you Richard and Abigail! Your sale is now helping to fund the work of DADS, an organization working to help fathers reconnect with their children. Father's like Thomas find a second chance at life.

The men that walk through the doors of DADS are looking to put their lives back together, often after having made some poor choices that have alienated them from the ones they love most. DADS gives these fathers hope by walking with them in a supportive community and helping these fathers navigate the relational and legal barriers which separate them from their children. And they are having astounding success. So much success that they have been on the front page of the Seattle Times and they have been asked to come to the White House to speak to the issue of Fatherlessness in America.

Here is a story of Thomas, a father whose life was recently transformed.

While I (Thomas) was in prison, I thought a lot about my life. I wanted my life to have a purpose. I desired to help others. Once I returned to the community, my friend referred me to DADS, and that is where I was introduced to their founder, Marvin Charles. Marvin invited me to join a men’s group, and this group ended up being a tremendous help to me. The group helped me grow in the right direction as a man, and gave me accountability, responsibility, and kept my priorities in order. I’ve had no violations since on probation. However, a glitch in the system sent me back to prison for another 4 months, but thanks to DADS I stayed focused and wouldn’t let it break my spirit.

I’ve been out of prison a year now. My kids and I are doing good. Two of my children are graduating from college this spring. Thanks to prayer, I’m even back in touch with the kids whose relationship with me were strained during my prison time. The stories of the men in the group have kept me persistent and hopeful for a better tomorrow. Seeing others working hard and making things work through faith, that’s powerful. Now I’m volunteering my time to helping at-risk youth turn their lives around.

Matthew Chapman works hard to make your home buying or selling experience enjoyable and gives part of every commission to help a person in need.
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