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How a home sale helped protect orphan's in Africa

A hero's welcome to my clients Jeff and TongTong! Their home sale made a huge difference in these incredible kids lives. Their home sale helped rescue many kids facing extreme danger and poverty through the amazing work of Orphan Relief and Rescue. Thanks for becoming part of helping children have a brighter future in Africa.

Featured Story:

Orphan Relief and Rescue is a non- profit organization that has been in existence since 2007. They are an organization that is working to protect children from needless suffering, abuse and child trafficking in both Liberia and Benin West Africa.

The children in this picture, whom we have concealed faces to protect their identities, have all been intercepted from becoming trafficked. They have been put into school and onto our feeding program to ensure they will not be sold by parents who say they cannot feed their children due to poverty-related reasons.

We employ cooks to feed the children every day, who are ladies who were out of work and were also having a difficult time feeding their children. In an area where the average wage is 25 cents a day, this 500 dollar donation is going to be used to pay the salaries of two cooks for two months.

Thank you for your donation to help us employ cooks to feed these precious children who were rescued from a terrible plight. You are not only helping two ladies and their families, but you are also helping us to keep this program going to ensure children can grow up free and healthy. so much for choosing Chapman Homes to represent you on your recent home purchase.

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