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How a home sale helped rescue a child on the verge of slavery

As Seattle's first social realtor, every sale with Chapman Homes helps a person in need at no additional cost to you. See how it works HERE.

Kristin, thanks so much for choosing Chapman Homes to represent you on your recent home purchase. This move to Seattle brings about a new chapter in life and I am excited to see what unfolds for you as you invest in the lives of kids. Your home sale went to help liberate a child on the brink of slavery through sponsoring Orphan Relief and Rescue. Thanks for becoming part of helping end human trafficking in Africa!

Orphan Relief and Rescue is a non- profit organization that has been in existence since 2007.

We are an organization that is working to protect children from needless suffering, abuse and child trafficking in both Liberia and Benin West Africa.

In the interior of Benin West Africa where we work, our statistics show that nearly 20 percent of all children in this particular area had been trafficked before we even arrived. We are working hard to stop the trafficking of children in five major trafficking hub villages. Over the last four years, we have seen a massive transformation taking place through our efforts.

We have intercepted hundreds of children from becoming trafficked, and are working to bring about a whole culture shift to this acceptable practice.

We have put children onto our “Intervention Sponsorship Program” who are at the highest risk to be trafficked. We put the children in our school and feeding program if it is known that the family cannot support their child and are considering the trafficking option.

Once the child is put on our “Intervention Sponsorship Program” we then invite the parents to come onto our microfinance program, so they can have a way to help themselves through starting a business.

We have seen incredible results happening from this, and parents who used to traffic their children openly are now starting to have a conscience about this practice. Which is great news!

This young lady who we will call Anna (not her real name), is a girl who we have recently put on our program to make sure she does not get trafficked. Her home situation is extremely difficult. Had we not helped her get into school and put her on our feeding program, she would not have been able to attend school and would have most likely been married off as a young bride or taken to the neighboring country of Nigeria to be someone’s servant.

To keep Anna in school and on our feeding program costs 420 dollars a year. The 500 dollars donated from your home sale went towards helping Anna. It will take care of her for a little over a year!

Thank you for helping Anna stay safe and for giving her hope for a healthy future. You have made a huge difference in Anna’s life.

Matthew Chapman works hard to make your home buying or selling experience enjoyable and gives part of every commission to help a person in need.
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