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Olive Crest: Changing a Young Life

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Some of us are lucky enough to have an amazing support system of family members and friends that have shaped us to be the person we are today. Unfortunately, Diego has not had that privilege growing up. As the last child to leave the home and with parents struggling to provide for the family, Diego lacked a support system to guide him through his life. 


Diego has grown up in a rough home environment – a trailer with broken windows and stapled screens over them. With one parent tirelessly working to support the family and another parent struggling with mental health disabilities, Diego has often found himself with little supervision and guidance. He was getting into severe trouble at school and with the law and failing all his classes, which led to local authorities and his probation officer connecting him to Olive Crest.  


Since getting connected with Olive Crest, Diego is making monumental progress in his life. He is passing all his classes and even offering tutoring to his peers. He has obtained a job in construction and works on days that he’s not at school. He’s completed anger management therapy, which runs in his family. He’s enrolled in driver’s ed, which Olive Crest has graciously agreed to cover the costs. This summer will likely be the first time that he does not have to enroll in summer school. Instead, he plans to work as much as possible to buy his own car. 


Diego’s probation officer recently shared with Olive Crest that Diego was about be kicked out of the court program. However, the way he turned his life around was incredibly encouraging to him and earned Diego more time to continue to work on himself. 


Although Diego has graduated from his court program, he continues to meet with Olive Crest every month, setting goals for himself to further his education and career for the future. Diego has become such an independent individual. He recently thanked Olive Crest for our continued support and acknowledged that he never would have been able to do it without their help.

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